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Next is best known for providing services such as website designing, maintenance and development. With a team of advanced and professional web designers, a number of projects have been completed, ranging from brochure sites to web portals. With a large pool of resources and the required technical capabilities, even the most complex of websites can be designed by us. We provide a complete range of frontend and backend services that are compliant with the latest industry trends and technologies available.


By using the latest design tools, appealing and unique web designs can be created for you. This is really important if you want to make a difference in the market and stand apart from the rest. Our designs are guaranteed to provide:

  • Stylish professional designs
  • Compatible colours with a creative outlook
  • Layout that is consistent
  • Creation of a corporate identity


Regardless of how complex the functionality of the website may be, our main aim is to provide a website that is easy to navigate. The better the user is able to use the site, the better experience they are going to have in the long run.

User-friendly interface

Our interface includes:

  • Simple navigation tools
  • Accessible options and easy to manoeuvre layout
  • Clear and precise instructions

Functionality of the sites

Front-end Functionality
The one thing that differentiates a regular website from a marketing tool is the functionality options it offers. With the services available , you can be rest assured that the functionality that is provided to you will completely match the requirements of your business. We offer the option to also expand the current functionality that is present in a cost effective manner, according to the change envisioned by you. Obtain a cost effective return on the investment that you make on any future expansion of your system.
Back-office Administration
As your need requires, a number of back-office management tools can also be integrated in such a way that you can efficiently control various site operations. These include publishing of non-technical content and its creation as well, structure generation, management of documents and the presentation of site statistics as well.
Professional Back-end Programming
With the skills of our specialist, we are able to create websites that are both interactive and also functional, making them compatible with the latest technologies that are there to offer. Our clients are offered a complete range of back-end development options including database design, development and page generation. Other services also include distribution of database developed, tools to deal with large amounts of data, encryption, search mechanisms, payment options, audio/video streaming and many others.
Our Approach
We assist you throughout the process of Web development, along with helping you in defining, conceptualising and implementing a cost effective web strategy for your business.
Communication is essential for making any project successful. We adopt a two way communication process, which enables us to understand the requirements of our clients, and in turn, helps us to provide suitable and transparent advice regarding technology, processes and solutions. Every project is supervised by a dedicated project manager who looks after the entire project from start to end. It is means there is one person providing our clients all the solutions to project related problems. Effective and uninterrupted communication is ensured through various means including e-mail, Skype, phone, along with onsite visits.
The development methodology adopted by us is influenced by prominent industry practices, such as Agile methodology and RUP. A practical approach is followed by us, as it enables us to modify our approach according to the complexity of the project, ensure a balanced in terms of time and costs involved. Irrespective of the process model we adopt, every project undergoes a strict quality verification process.
Our competence in technology and expertise in various domains enables us to provide the most appropriate solution according to the situation. Before beginning the implementation process, our analysts spend time analysing your business and its requirements. This thorough analysis helps us in selecting the right approach, design, technologies and tools, appropriate for the current and future needs of the business.
A separate department for quality assurance consists of dedicated personnel who regularly monitor and test the web development process at every stage, thus ensuring the desired level of quality in the final result. Quality verification process includes different aspects including HTML standard compliance, GUI testing, conformity of functionality to needs, performance, stability testing and accurate coding.