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We are there to promote your innovative product ideas. We believe that your ideas should not be restricted due to the lack of amenities. Outsource your product ideas to concentrate on your users.

Product life cycle is becoming an increasingly complex phenomenon. Our Outsourced Product Development Practice is able to provide our clients with the creative solutions that other competitors frequently can’t. We empahasise on generating and maintaining the top notch product development for our clients.

The factors affecting the companies in recent times are:

  • Time to market
  • Increased client demand
  • Pricing
  • Cost pressures
  • Multiple versions
  • Constant upgradation
  • Regional regulations
  • Heightened manpower costs

Our Outsourced Product Development Practice helps the companies address all of the above issues.

Since we possess near shore development hubs and resources in India, we are able to deliver product development services within a quick turnaround time. Our near shore development hubs ensure that you always have handy technical support as a backup.

Next Technology has been standing with reputation for 10 years reflecting its excellence in product engineering. Our qualitative approach is available to the corporate across the globe using software instruments or platforms to help the company to meet the demands of their clients, enhance customer satisfaction, and help accrue more revenues.

We have been working with numerous customers across continents, industries, cultures and time zones. In the process we have emerged with an eminent multi-site and active delivery mechanism.

Next Technology has pioneered a wide range of development solutions that can be employed across multiple phases of product development, ranging from notion, implementation, and deployment to sustainance.

  • Religious adherence to the qualitative practices of software development, expansion and management emphasising on firm system specification and systematic project planning.
  • The IT related infrastructure is aided by a broad band internet service to assure increase clarity and visibility of offshore operations.
  • Wise division of roles, work and responsibilities among the clients, near-shore, offshore and onsite teams that ensure increase productivity, work transparency and prompt response.
  • Utilisation of in-house instruments for frequent and effective communication related to work status, project issues, resource allocation and technology up bringing using conference calls, email, weekly updates and finally consistent reporting mechanism.