Mobile Friendly Websites

A mobile friendly website is a necessity for any business, if you want to improve your chances of attracting more customers and enhancing business profits. Mobile website development services offered are aimed at designing and developing websites for mobile platforms and expand business reach. Owing to our experience and expertise we can develop mobile friendly websites which can effectively showcase your products and services among target audiences.

Accessing a website on mobile phone can become difficult and confusing, as websites are usually not designed for mobile platform. We have expertise in designing and developing high quality mobile websites, which your target users can easily access on their smart phones, like Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Website developers employed are proficient in understanding the requirements of diverse mobile browsers, thus modifying the layout and content to make it more compatible. Our developers are competent in two key areas of mobile website development, which are analysing the existing sites to find out the most crucial factors and then making these accessible on mobile browsers.

Our mobile website design and development services are focused on:

  • Creating a professional looking layout, emphasizing the most important features
  • Strategies to enhance website accessibility and usability
  • In sync with desired web standards
  • Incorporating only the required design factors
  • Ensuring user’s interest with mobile friendly messaging, which includes only the most relevant and important aspects
  • Effectively customised Call To Action
  • SEO friendly layout and design
  • Result oriented approach towards mobile website marketing
  • Effective website promotion with a strategically designed internet marketing plan

The methodology adopted by us for mobile friendly websites ensures:

  • Better compatibility so that the website functions on all smart phone browsers
  • Layout, including colors, font and navigation, is designed keeping in mind the convenience of users
  • Optimised features and graphics ensure quick downloading of the website on mobile phones